Introducing: Alternative Options

Our new Alternative Options package has been developed in response to demand for GCSE alternatives for learners in inclusion and alternative provision settings.

With the introduction in September 2022 of new vocational specifications, which are proving very popular in many settings, a new group of learners for which the new linear style of qualification is not suitable for is emerging. You can read about the new specifications here.  The familiarity of the GCSE-type format of the new specifications makes them much easier to implement in schools than the previous vocational qualification styles, which is great for many learners studying them and the teachers delivering them.  This does mean, however, that the flexibility often needed to deliver qualifications in alternative provision and inclusion settings, has reduced.

We’ve created our new Alternative Options package which offers 3 fantastic vocational qualifications for students that need a really flexible approach and who perform better outside the pressure of exams.  Within the package, your school would have access to resources for the following courses:

NCFE Level 2 Certificate in Equality and Diversity (601/3145/7)

NCFE CACHE Level 2 Certificate in Understanding Nutrition and Health (601/3389/2)

NCFE CACHE Level 2 Certificate in Relationships, Sex and Health Education (603/4765/X)

It’s really important to us that we’re providing an offering for all types of students. This package has a real focus on showing learners they can learn, giving them confidence in their ability and preparing them for real life scenarios.

Each course within this package is 100% internally assessed, allowing for flexibility throughout the year. The content can be covered in one or two years depending on the requirements of your individual setting. Students can study at their own pace using their iAchieve log-in, giving them control over their learning and empowering them to engage with their education.

As the iAchieve packages are so comprehensive, courses can be delivered or facilitated by non-specialists, something which we know is really important in these settings. iAchieve includes everything learners need to successfully gain their qualification.

Students can gain nationally recognised vocational qualifications which equip them with real life skills and are recognised by employers. They can act as a catalyst for helping learners to believe in themselves and re-engage with their education. If you’re interested in finding out more about how iAchieve can support students who need alternative options, contact us.

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