Use iAchieve to boost revision!

iAchieve offers a wide range of tools and features that can help to support revision activities! Schools can use iAchieve to support revision across all of our vocational qualifications as well as GCSE subjects.

1. Re-visit content

Students can read through each of their online learning sessions on the iAchieve platform, making summary notes as they go.

2. Handouts and mind maps

Within the Supporting Documents section of the iAchieve Teachers’ platform, there are handout documents which summarise the key points in each of our online programmes. These handouts work really well as a basis for creating mind maps. They could be printed, emailed or displayed at the front of the classroom for students to create their own mind maps.

3. ‘Think first’ notes

Throughout the online learning sessions, there are Think first tasks – questions designed to get students thinking about a particular topic. When a student inputs their answer, it is saved into their course Journal…over time, the Journal will build up to compile a comprehensive set of thoughts, ideas and information that the student may revisit to recap their learning.

The Think first tasks can also be used to spark a whole class discussion or to set instructions for a group activity.

4. ‘Flashcard’ testing

There are many interactive features throughout the online learning sessions, such as clickable images and flashcards, which reveal more specific information. 

Students can test their knowledge, and each other’s, by working in pairs to discuss the definitions then clicking to see if they’re right.

5. Quizzes

Quizzes can be found at the end of every iAchieve online learning session, making them easy to locate to revisit each topic. 

These quizzes could be projected to the front of the class in a teacher-led approach, teachers could then either complete it themselves with students raising their hands to answer, or for a more interactive element, students could take it in turns to complete an answer. For classroom and individual learning, students are able to complete the quiz when logged into their personal iAchieve account.

Teachers also have access to additional quiz questions in their Supporting Documents area – these quizzes are a combination of multiple-choice, short and long answer questions designed to prepare students for their assessment at the end of the course. Each quiz has its own mark scheme and feedback form for teachers to use.

6. Personal learning checklists

Every iAchieve programme has a personal learning checklist, which itemises the qualification’s learning outcomes and assessment criteria. Students can use these checklists to identify their areas of strengths and weaknesses – where are they confident in their knowledge, and where do they need to spend more time building their knowledge and understanding?

This can then give real focus to revision activities, working on filling gaps in knowledge and understanding using the various tools and resources available on the iAchieve platform. For example, a Health & Fitness student feels they need to work on their knowledge of the skeletal system – they can study the online session on this topic, review the handout, complete a quiz or an activity worksheet and look back at their Journal notes to help them brush up!

We have also mapped these personal learning checklists to popular GCSE programmes, including GCSEs in Physical Education, Business and Food Preparation & Nutrition…which makes iAchieve perfect to support GCSE revision activities as well!

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