Revising with iAchieve

Re-visit Content

Students can read through each session, making summary notes as they go.

Mind Maps

Within the Supporting Documents section of the Teachers’ platform, there are worksheets named ‘Handout’ which work really well as a basis for creating mind maps.  These sheets could be printed / emailed or displayed at the front of the classroom for Students to create their own mind maps.

Think First

Throughout the sessions, there are Think First tasks – questions designed to get students thinking about the topic. The answers do not save in place, so students can test themselves time and again until they feel confident they understand.

The Think First tasks can be used to spark a whole class discussion or, where appropriate, a class competition to give an answer.  You could split the class into two teams and see which group can remember the most information.

‘Flash-Cards’ Testing

There are many interactive features throughout the sessions, such as clickable images, which expand to show more specific information. 

Students can test their knowledge, and each other’s, by working in pairs to discuss the definitions then clicking on the pictures to see if they’re right.

End of session quiz

The end of session quizzes can be found on the last page of each session, making them easy to locate to revisit each topic. Incorrect answers will bounce away from the blank spaces, meaning it can be great as a self-marking assessment. 

These quizzes could be projected to the front of the class in a teacher led approach, teachers could then either complete it themselves with students raising their hands to answer, or for a more interactive element, students could take it in turns to complete an answer.  For classroom and individual learning, students are able to complete the quiz when logged into their learner account. 

If students are struggling to complete the session quiz, they can revisit the topics in the session and consolidate their learning.

Practice papers

Practice papers can be found to the right of the Course Materials in the teaching account.  There are also ‘Quiz Questions’ work sheets which can be found in the Supporting Documents of the teaching account and have exam-style questions for students to do even more practice.

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