An Option for Lower Attaining Students

Many schools are asking us whether iAchieve can provide an alternative option for their lower attaining students. We know schools are often concerned about lack of motivation, lack of engagement and poor attendance. We’re well placed to support this group of learners because we’ve been helping schools re-engage underachieving students since our inception in 2016.

iAchieve offers a tailored delivery solution that ensures the right Key Stage 4 vocational courses are embedded effectively into your curriculum, and that delivery leads to successful outcomes for students who may not currently be engaging with their education.

We provide a framework of teaching and learning content that covers the entire specification for nationally recognised vocational qualifications that have clear progression routes and lead to meaningful career pathways. Our packages include all the learning outcomes and assessment criteria, and are endorsed by the relevant awarding organisation for quality assurance. We also provide comprehensive training to help you master delivery of the qualification, including awarding organisation requirements and processes. All this makes offering options to your lesser-attaining students simple.

iAchieve provides a link with mainstream education, where appropriate. Introducing online resources can eliminate barriers for pupils with access issues, as well as non-attenders who could still be encouraged to access their learning remotely. This remote access could be built on, to encourage non-attenders to return to school, reassured by a familiar online learning space. Online resources also give students control and responsibility over their own learning, feeding into their feeling of empowerment.

25% improvement to the engagement of students and 21% improvement to their motivation

Schools using iAchieve in 2022/23 saw 25% improvement to the engagement of their students and 21% improvement to their motivation. iAchieve also supported PiXL Build Up in 2021 and users reported 40% increase to engagement, confidence and motivation.

Switching learners from an academic course, such as GCSE PE to a technical version of the subject, such as the NCFE Technical Award in Health and Fitness, or GCSE Business to NCFE Technical Award in Business and Enterprise can really help learners to achieve success in that subject area.

The provision of a range of different forms of accreditation, including GCSE equivalent options, offers more opportunities for students to achieve, particularly for those pupils with less academic aptitudes.  This can also be a beneficial approach for students who have been out of mainstream school for some time due to issues with engagement and/or maintaining regular attendance.

Not only can the content of vocational courses prepare students for real world career pathways, but they can also provide a different way of learning. The courses tend to be more practical, more applied and most of all, really engaging. When students have lost interest in their education, or are struggling with mainstream education, studying a subject which they can see the relevance of and track to real life, beyond school, it can really spur them on and help motivate them in their education.

So if you need options for learners who are struggling to meet their potential, iAchieve is a great solution.

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