iAchieve’s 5th birthday: Our 5 biggest achievements

1. Getting the right team together

Getting the right expertise and skills in all aspects of what we do is absolutely key, and we are very fortunate to have a small, committed team.  Everyone that works for iAchieve is invested in getting the best outcomes possible for our schools and we are willing to help in whatever way they can.

Our team is adaptable and resilient.  Vocational options are subject to regular changes.  As a small business just starting out, innovation, development and revision have been essential to our successes.  Every challenge has been used as an opportunity to improve and thrive and each time we’ve used it to make us stronger and more experienced. 

2. Having our course resources endorsed

Since iAchieve’s inception in 2016, we’ve worked closely with awarding organisations to ensure that everything we produce is of excellent quality. From the beginning, it was really important that our resources were endorsed by the relevant AO, as a seal of quality assurance.

We originally worked solely with NCFE, but as we’ve grown, we’ve been able to broaden our offering and we now have endorsed resources with WJEC and CACHE. We’re also in the process of having our resources endorsed by BTEC too! One of our proudest moments has been OCR approaching us to develop resources for their Cambridge National courses.  These resources are currently being produced for release in the educational year 21/22.

3. Being Shortlisted for Awards

We’ve been shortlisted on two occasions for Teach Secondary Awards.  Our first nomination was for the Curriculum impact category, where we were shortlisted for our Key Stage 4 package.  More recently, our new RSHE package was shortlisted in the Health and Wellbeing category.

You can read more about our award-shortlisted packages here.

These awards are judged by educational specialists and there are hundreds of nominations each year. We’re really proud to have made it on to the shortlist twice now. Maybe next time we will win!

4. Helping 700 schools embed vocational options

We’re really proud that over the last five years, we’ve been able to help more than 700 schools to embed valuable vocational subjects in their curriculum.

Teachers tell us they use our platform to support small cohorts of students who cannot always access more academic areas of the curriculum (such a languages), for students on alternative timetables perhaps as a result of social, emotional or behavioral issues, as well as for full classes as a mainstream option.  Teachers find our frameworks provide all the content they need to support their delivery, meaning their time can be spent focusing on inspirational teaching rather than planning..  Not only this, but students can access the materials independently, revisit information and take control of studying at a pace which suits them.

5. Making it through a pandemic !

We know that lots and lots of businesses have adapted, coped and thrived during the pandemic, and we are proud ourselves and every other organisation who’s made it through.  Our customers have also been brilliant with their positive approach and their patience throughout.

At the same time, we lament for all the lives and businesses lost during such a terrible time. 

As a tiny business, it hasn’t been easy, but our staff have been a credit to themselves and the schools and students we support.  Everyone working in the education sector deserves a pat on the back, it has been tough, it has been scary, and it has been uncertain – but we were not beaten.  And congratulations to all the students who endured and have succeeded in the face of adversity.

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