Winter Term Newsletter

It’s been a busy term, with the return to on-premises teaching, responding to ever-changing covid regulations and prioritising student wellbeing.  We’ve been doing our best to support schools in whatever way we can, here are our winter term highlights.

iAchieve Student Awards

This term we announced the launch of our iAchieve Inspirational Student Awards.  These awards will celebrate students who have used iAchieve for their vocational education.

Nominations don’t open until 1st March 2022 but there’s things iAchieve schools can be doing to prepare:

– Consider which of your iAchieve students may be eligible 
– Take a note of students’ current circumstances to help build the picture for your application
– Use the awards (and the prizes) to motivate your students

RSHE: Tackling Tough Topics

Continuing from last academic year, we have built on our offering for supporting teachers with Tackling Tough Topics.

In addition to our RSHE by iAchieve package, we have released a free series of topical PowerPoints and lesson packs on various subjects which teachers may not feel completely confident delivering.

These resources can be found on our Free Resources page.

We have also created supporting Teacher Guides which can be found on our Blog page – for example, our HBT Bullying: A Teacher’s Guide.

Instructional Video Guides

This term we released the new instructional videos on the platform.  These guides provide teachers with all the operational information they need to successfully run each course and can be referred back to at any time.

Access them by logging in to your teaching account and clicking in to your selected course.

These instructional videos are now available for all KS4 subjects as well as RSHE.

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