iAchieve’s 5th Birthday: 5 reasons to use iAchieve

1. We are experts when it comes to delivering vocational subjects

We have 61 years combined experience in the vocational education industry.

We’re in the fortunate position of thinking about vocational options every day, we have the time to invest in helping schools get it right.  Additionally, we work closely with Awarding organisations, giving us a broader sense of common pit falls and trends in vocational delivery.

We ensure our schools are confident with exactly what’s required for successfully delivering each course.  They know they are joining an ongoing, supportive community that will enhance their experience of delivering vocational qualifications and ultimately improve their results.

2. Our comprehensive resources are endorsed by the Awarding organisations

Having endorsed resources means that our resources have endured a rigorous checking process conducted by the awarding organization.  This usually involves recommendations for improvement and several drafts of the materials.  Following this process, we (and you) can be safe in the knowledge that the teaching and learning materials cover all aspects of the syllabus required to achieve a pass.

3. Sessions are accessible

In a recent survey of our customers, they told us they find our content is easy to follow because it is delivered in smaller sections of work which link clearly to the syllabus.

The format of our platform has been carefully considered to keep simplicity in mind and ensure that students receive the subject topics in achievable chunks.

“It’s one of those really rare things where it just does what it says on the tin – it engages young people to achieve” – Will Smith, Greenshaw Learning Trust

4. Depth of information and material

We often struggle to find the right phrase that truly expresses the amount of content held within our resources.  We have our own in-house content creator who has a wealth of experience in writing educational resources.  She interprets the specification of each course we offer, breaking down each element and presenting it as manageable building blocks for learners to gain the knowledge they need, in a way that is easy to follow.

We also consult with real teachers, who have in-school experience of writing and delivering vocational content.  We think this gives extra depth and dimension to the structure of the resources.

The feedback from our schools is that we provide good information which is well written as clear and simple resources.

5. We care

We’re a small, committed business and we want to do all we can to ensure our schools have all the support they need to deliver excellent vocational qualifications.  The joy of being a small team is that our enthusiasm is not diluted, everyone that works for iAchieve is invested in getting the best outcomes possible for our schools and are willing to help in whatever way they can.

Will Smith recently said, “I can genuinely say that that the quality of the service and the responsiveness by the people that work for them makes it feel like a charity.  It feels like they’re doing it, not because they want your money but because they want to help you help the children.” And it’s true ! We really care about children getting their qualifications.  Every member of our team is passionate about that.

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