iAchieve’s 5th Birthday: 5 FAQs

1. What is iAchieve ?

Schools use iAchieve to effectively embed, and successfully deliver vocational options.  

We are a small business making a big impact on vocational delivery.  Our expert resource creator takes the specification of each carefully selected course and breaks down the learning outcomes into accessible building blocks. Each subject is matched directly to the specification and contains all the teaching and learning materials for teachers to confidently deliver the course, and for learners to successfully achieve the qualification.

These comprehensive frameworks are accessed via our online iAchieve platform by both teachers and students.

2. What does an iAchieve subscription include ?

An iAchieve subscription includes access to the iAchieve online learning platform for your chosen vocational courses.  

For each course you have a curriculum matched, exam board endorsed framework for delivery that covers all the content, learning outcomes and assessment criteria of the qualification.  Plus practice papers, quizzes, worksheets, homework and revision resources.

We also provide comprehensive training sessions that will ensure you know everything that’s required to successfully deliver your chosen course, including awarding organisation requirements.  You also get access to iAchieve’s online community of teachers and ongoing support and guidance.

3. Do I have to use iAchieve to run these qualifications?

No. However, choosing the right vocational courses can be time consuming, difficult, and confusing. As can the subsequent set up and delivery. This can sometimes lead to poor results, and in some cases a decision to discontinue running the course/s.

iAchieve removes the barriers often associated with setting up and delivering vocational courses by providing everything you need to know to operationally deliver your chosen course, as well as all the resources to teach from. You don’t have to use iAchieve, but you’ll be glad you do!

4. How do I know whether the iAchieve materials are good ?

Perhaps most importantly when considering solutions for vocational options, it should be clear how a resource builds on and is built upon the qualification specification

Each course covered by iAchieve is a nationally-recognised, DfE approved, vocational qualification.  Each course framework that we create, covers all the qualification content, learning outcomes and assessment criteria.  Our resources are endorsed by the relevant awarding bodies which gives them a seal of approval.  We have also been shortlisted for two teach secondary awards.

5. How do I buy my iAchieve package ?

Once you’re ready to purchase your iAchieve package, you can call or email us with information about your school’s needs. We do our very best to create a bespoke and appropriate subscription for each iAchieve school.    Just send us an email confirming that you wish to buy iAchieve, including the courses you would like access to and the length of time you would like your subscription to last. Alternatively, you can send a purchase order containing this information. We can get your subscription set up for you on the same day that we receive your order. And now you’re ready to teach !

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