Helping students to build a growth mindset

A recent report by the Education & Training Foundation states that embedding growth mindset interventions can significantly help to improve students’ experience in the classroom…they become more resilient and less anxious, with a greater motivation to succeed.

What are fixed and growth mindsets?

A growth mindset is a belief that you can improve with effort and will find a way to succeed, while a fixed mindset is the belief that who you are and what you can do are set in stone and tend to be viewed as negative. These mindsets can have a significant impact on student outcomes and their chances of success.

A student with a fixed mindset is likely to think…

“This is too hard, I’m not going to try it.” or “It never works anyway.

They may give up easily and let setbacks derail them. They see failure as a sign that they can’t do something.

On the other hand, a student with a growth mindset holds views such as…

It’s a challenge for me, but I will try.” or “Where can I find out more information?

They don’t give up and will persist in the face of setbacks. They see failure as a sign that they are trying and learning.

How can iAchieve help to build a growth mindset?

iAchieve can offer schools a great way to build a growth mindset among students. With all of our online programmes broken down into manageable, bite-sized sessions, students can take control of their learning in a way that works best for them…and, with each little bit of success, or small step towards achieving their qualification, they can start to gain confidence in their ability to learn. So many of our schools tell us that just one small win on iAchieve – whether that is completing a learning session, passing a multi-choice quiz, or developing a newfound understanding of a particular topic – can unlock a student’s potential to go on and achieve so much more!

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