What is the current status of RSHE ?

The DfE update in February 2021, confirmed that statutory status of Relationships, Sex and Health Education came into effect in September 2020. It advised, ‘teaching in the 2021/22 academic year should seek to address any gaps in pupils’ RSHE education this year.’ 

Do I need this package in order to meet the statutory requirements?

No, but RSHE by iAchieve promotes consistency in delivery across year groups and teachers, houses everything in one easy to access online platform, and helps you fit RSHE seamlessly into the school day. Our framework offers full curriculum content for years 7-11, helping to significantly reduce the workload involved in meeting the statutory requirements.

How do I know the content is age appropriate ?

We hear time and again that teachers find the statutory guidance leaves a lot of ambiguity as to what is age-appropriate, which can be difficult to navigate. RSHE by iAchieve uses the recommended spiral style curriculum to gently introduce topics which then build in complexity as students get older. Therefore, teachers can be confident that the content they’re delivering is age appropriate. Furthermore, the resources are endorsed by leading award organisation CACHE, who are regulated by ofqual.

What does the platform look like?

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Our school is not planning to run a full RSHE qualification – can we still benefit from iAchieve’s package?

Absolutely. We have designed RSHE by iAchieve as a whole-school solution, so you will be able to meet the mandatory requirements even if you choose not to run a full qualification. By covering all the content in the RSHE by iAchieve package you can rest assured you’ve delivered the statutory content.

How much does it cost?

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