Provision of Remote Education (England) Temporary Continuity Direction: What You Need to Know

On 1st October 2020, The Department for Education announced the Provision of Remote Education (England) Temporary Continuity DirectionThe Direction means schools have a duty to provide education to children at home, as they do when children are in the classroom.  This comes in the form of a legal duty for all schools to provide online learning.

The decision comes after official figures showed one in six secondaries in England were partially closed to some pupils and large areas of the north-east and north-west of England are under stricter lockdown measures.

The new law will come into force on the 22nd October 2020 and finishes at the end of this school year.  It will apply to almost all schools in England including community schools, community special schools, foundation schools, foundation special schools, voluntary schools, pupil referral units, non-maintained special schools, academies and alternative provision centres.

The aim of the new Direction is to provide assurance to learners and their parents that self-isolating will not disrupt on their education.  It has also been announced that an additional 100,000 laptops will be made available for learners most in need, this is on top of those previously pledged as part of the free laptop scheme earlier this year.

The DfE have also published guidance on ‘Remote education good practice‘ alongside the legal directive.

It is well known that the teaching profession have been working hard to provide online learning over the last six months.  The government have said they are formalising pupils’ rights to remote learning.

Ministers have confirmed that schools will only be closed as a last resort, in the event of widespread virus spread.  Instead, in areas of high outbreak, schools may implement a rota system of two weeks on, two weeks off.

Support for schools

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