Our customers say…

“It is very informative and easy to use”

Christina Birch-Bedford, Teacher, Ormiston Bushfield Academy, Peterborough

“iAchieve provides us with a brilliantly structured resource from which to teach our NCFE courses. Easy to set-up, access and navigate, the platform ensures students have unlimited online access to the information they need.”

Mark Nichols, Assistant Head, Severn Vale School, Gloucester

“iAchieve has helped a number of our students to access meaningful and relevant qualifications, without which they would not be able to access the next stage of their education. We love the rigour, flexibility and comprehensive nature of the programmes, and the important part these courses play in aspiration at our school.”

Lee Walker, Headteacher, King Edward VI School, Suffolk

“iAchieve has been of enormous help to schools looking to introduce validated and approved vocational courses into their curriculum. For some students, having the right vocational options, supported by the excellent accessible and modern resources from iAchieve can be the key to success and progression.  We’ve heard many reports of significantly improved results in bucket 3 using this approach.”

Sir John Rowling, PiXL

“iAchieve is invaluable for our learners studying the V Cert qualifications”

River Tees Multi-Academy Trust, Middlesbrough

“One of my learners was not really interested in much at all, he had low confidence, doesn’t like working in lessons, doesn’t like exams and hasn’t had much success at school up to now. He was my biggest concern.  We gave him a mentor and we helped him to realise that what he was achieving in Health and Fitness, he could start to apply to other areas of his school life. The positive impact of gaining a merit has given him self-confidence and belief, and he’s going on to study mechanics at college – something he couldn’t previously have done because he wouldn’t have had the qualifications to get in”.

Corby Technical School, Northamptonshire

“We have made a very promising start with the iAchieve online courses – our learners enjoy using the system and are making progress. We’re looking forward to some significantly improved achievement!”

Jenny Gaylor, Deputy Principal, Carshalton Boys Sports College, Sutton

“The learners love using the courses, and we’re very optimistic about their achievement. We’re planning to put on bigger cohorts next year!”

Hinchingbrooke School, Cambridgeshire

“This learning platform is a fantastic online facility for reinforcing a pupils learning and setting achievable learning objectives away from school. iAchieve can turn any environment into a safe learning space. Thank you iAchieve for all of your hard work creating teaching materials for a course with limited resources.”

Daniel Jacobs, Head of Sport, The Greenroom School, Windsor