Back on Track

Back on Track is a brand new package brought to you by iAchieve and NCFE. It’s been designed specifically with Year 10s in mind. We know that schools have never really been closed and that teachers have been working harder than ever this year. This brand new Back on Track package aims to support teachers with schools going back to rebuild routine, offer structure, and boost motivation for their students.

This highly-focused package offers the opportunity to use the remaining time available to Year 10 students to build on their existing knowledge and learning, in a format which will help them to achieve a relevant, robust, nationally recognised vocational qualification by the time they leave in Year 11.

Including this specially designed package in your catch up curriculum provides an achievable structure for delivering a vocational course over the remaining four terms. The iAchieve timetable ensures you have ample time to deliver all the course content, and it is simple to keep on track. In association with NCFE, this package supports both teachers and students at each step, providing teachers with in depth training and giving learners an opportunity to gain important qualifications and take control of their futures.

What’s included ?

The package comprises the following elements (click on an option to jump directly to what interests you):

– Access to the iAchieve teaching and learning platform for four terms
– 25% discount on NCFE registration fees
– Curriculum matched, comprehensive, online resources, endorsed by NCFE for the following two qualifications:
NCFE Level 1 /2 Technical Award in Health and Fitness
NCFE Level 1 /2 Technical Award in Business and Enterprise
Comprehensive teacher training delivered by iAchieve, NCFE, and expert teachers
– Exclusive access to the Back on Track online community
– Exclusive, additional classroom and revision resources only available with this package
– A comprehensive schedule for delivery including a key dates checklist
*bonus* NCFE Level 2 Certificate in Equality and Diversity online programme


Pricing starts at £1,295 for a four term subscription. That’s £323.75 per term.

Optional upgrade to seven term subscription for a total of £1,895. That’s £270.71 per term.

Unlimited access. Unlimited users. Unlimited potential.

The Courses

The courses included in this package have been chosen very carefully with current Year 10s at the fore. The structure of the Health and Fitness and Business and Enterprise courses means fitting all of the content into the remaining four terms is achievable, with students still having time for two attempts at both the external and internal assessments. Some schools will deliver both courses, some choose to concentrate on just one. Either way, you and your students have choice.

You will be given access to our online learning platform which includes fully endorsed, curriculum matched online resources for both Health and Fitness and Business and Enterprise, which students can work through independently, or that can be used as a framework for teacher led learning. Both Health and Fitness and Business and Enterprise are similar in unit structure and assessment style. This makes them an ideal pairing for this package, which has simplicity of implementation at its core. The similarities between the two courses means running them in tandem is entirely manageable.

All iAchieve resources are designed to be engaging for students, providing structure whilst allowing for flexibility in delivery. This structure and flexibility helps to support students’ wellbeing because they can access the course content in the classroom or from home, and can revisit topics at their own pace, giving them control of their own learning. To enhance attainment and motivation, as well as the curriculum matched, NCFE endorsed online platform resources, there are also exclusive downloadable work sheets, quizzes, practice exams and past papers available on your teaching account.

Both iAchieve subjects in this package are matched directly to an NCFE nationally recognised, DfE approved, Level 1 /2 Technical Award that count in Group 3 towards the Progress 8 attainment measures. We apply our unique instructional design to the selected specification, turning it into a complete teaching and learning programme. Each programme covers all the qualification content, learning outcomes and assessment criteria.

You can find out more about Health and Fitness here and Business and Enterprise here.

Teacher Training

We understand that school is a very busy place right now and the idea of introducing a new course may seem daunting. This package aims to simplify the process and reduce difficult decision making.

The Back on Track package provides teachers with ready-made resources which you can trust are curriculum matched and can act as a basis for lesson plans.

You will be invited to two unit training sessions, covering everything you need to know to deliver everything within the package.

Package specific training will include:

– Easy implementation instructions
– How to use the platform
– Guidance from NCFE
– Delivery inspiration – How to get the best out of iAchieve resources
– Ongoing support, not only from our team but also from our new Facebook community

Equality and Diversity

The NCFE Level 2 Certificate in Equality and Diversity course is contained within the Back on Track package as an opportunity for students to develop their empathy skills, becoming more well rounded and sympathetic members of society as well as being better prepared for the workplace. This course can work really successfully as an optional extra, allowing space for important group discussions and collaborative thinking amongst year groups.

This online course leads to a nationally accredited qualification that is recognised by colleges and employers. It also provides students with the opportunity to study a qualification that can help them to build confidence, motivation, and belief in themselves which often contributes to success in other areas of their study.

You can find out more about Equality and Diversity here.

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